Two 4 You is a duo that plays covers. Our goal is to make everybody in the room happy.

We play well-known songs so people won’t be able to stand still. Everything from rock n’ roll to modern pop, from humor to folk music.

We got several type of entertainment. Our main event is the coverband but we can also add a combination of many things.

The main act during the evening is the coverband. But it is always nice to combine the band with a soft opening. Therfore we have Jonas who also plays as a troubadour. This is nice to get people warmed up.

Another way to make people going is to do a competion of some kind. The most poular is music-quiz where Jonas plays a live song with additional questions.

After the main act some people maybe wants to continue party a little bit more. Here we provide a DJ as long as the party continues. Our DJ is born and raised in England and he worked as a DJ for almost 20 years in England, The Canary Islands and Sweden.

We are always open for suggestions and the most important part is that everybody is happy when the leave.

We are there for you.
Don’t run for cover.